Swinging between love notes and resignation missives, three Bangaloreans pen a model


Bangalore, Aug. 7: Anubhav Ankit's morning tomorrow may begin with a love letter to a young woman in Mysore, telling her that marriage is now round the corner with the long- awaited promotion happening last evening.

But don't blame him if he then writes out a resignation letter.

Or if he begins planning how exactly to phrase his next letter, an amorous one to that Russian college girl.

Ankit is not a cad or a Casanova. He is just one of three young Bangalorean professionals who have taken it upon themselves to stem the all- conquering march of email, text messaging and social media by reviving the handwritten letter.

And, in a give- and- take with the spirit of the age, they have decided that if the art of letter writing is to survive, it has to be outsourced.

Ankit, Jashwanth Cheripally and Shashank Srinivas write letters for others, much like the local postman or lone village matriculate in old Hindi movies.

Except that the trio do it for the educated and upwardly mobile through their start- up in the city, which they dug deep into their savings to launch last December.

" We come from different backgrounds and different parts of the country but have one thing in common: a passion for old- fashioned letter- writing," Ankit told The Telegraph . Ankit was an engineering graduate turned radio jockey from Cuttack who had arrived in Bangalore three years ago in search of better opportunities. Jashwanth is a techie from Hyderabad while local boy Shashank is a mass communications graduate with an interest in marketing. They have chosen an old- fashioned name for their enterprise — The Indian Handwritten Letter Company — " to keep it very Victorian". " We've had a very interesting run so far, writing letters for husbands and boyfriends, for daughters who want to tell their mothers how wonderful they are, or for employees nervous about writing to their bosses," Ankit said.