Telegrapgh Epaper, 21, July 2022

ndrani Haldar is back on the big screen with Kuler I Achaar after almost five years. "It feels great to be back after such a long gap. The film deals with a social issue which every woman can relate to at any situation in their life. My character Mitali is a housewife, she is a simple woman and does not have much expectations from life. She is happy with her family and has a normal life. She does not want to experiment," says Indrani Haldar

Neel Mukherjee, on the other hand, felt his character has a certain firmness. "He is rigid and sticks to what he believes in. He follows what he has been taught. When Madhumita s character doesn t want to change her surname, he tells her that she has to follow his rules. Pronotosh sticks to his point of view. Later there is a transformation in his character, which I really liked… I was attracted to this change," says Neel, who worked with Indrani Haldar after a long time. "I feel Madhumita, Vikram and Indrani the questions raised in the film are very new. The shoot went off really well. It was an enjoyable experience," says Neel. Indrani Haldar as Mitali is Mithi s (Madhumita Sarcar) mother-in-law. She is a caring mother who loves her family but has a problem with Mithi s decision. Mithi s father-in-law Pronotosh, played by Neel Mukherjee, is a strict person who is the head of the family and makes all the important decisions. He is annoyed after knowing that his daughter-in-law wants to keep her maiden surname and his son (Vikram Chatterjee) is supporting her on this.